From powders like spices, premixes, milk powder etc; to viscous products like pastes, pickles and other liquids like milk, lassi, buttermilk, oils and juices etc; all these products can be packaged with Nichrome’s powder packaging machines. The versatility of the pouch packaging improves its scalability. Nichrome’s automatic filling machines and packaging machines are multitasking; that means they can also seal the pouches, the moment they are filled. Powder packaging machines can pack any powder (namely coffee powder, tea powder, spices, instant mixes etc.The morning coffee/tea break at your office is made all the more enjoyable due to innovative packaging solutions. Now to answer your question how?

Initially most of the commodities like spices, coffee beans, tea powder co2 fire extinguisher Suppliers etc, grains, and pulses; were stored in jute bags which did or didn’t have a protective lining. Various pouch formats, like Four Side Seal, Penta Seal, Three Side Seal etc; are available for coffee packaging machine, spice packaging machine and tea packaging machine and various others to give you flexible options.. Just a single automatic packaging machine lets you execute entire set of tasks which would otherwise prove tedious and time consuming. With Nichrome’s ‘multilane series’ powder packaging machines; the pouches are packed at a speed of 1000 pouches per minute precisely with negligible wastage. When you are in need for the best powder packaging machines think of us and visit http://www. Nichrome aims to offer innovative and versatile powder packaging solutions that protect and preserve the inherent goodness of spices, coffee beans, sugar, detergents and various others while enhancing the brand value. That being said, the advanced automation technology in powder filling machines and packaging machines has massively reduced the necessity of labour which can save your costs by a considerable Here is a one stop solution for all.

You can choose from more than five different types of packaging machines as per necessity. It was therefore important to retain the flavors of spices and the aroma of coffee beans and tea powder while packing it for the retail market. Nichrome is one the best powder packaging machine manufacturers, automatic packaging machines and best packaging machines in India that provide a range of best quality packaging machineries. For example HFFS series is capable of increasing its output capacity thanks to ‘duplex’ mode. Temperature, storage conditions humidity etc could easily affect the product; which in turn would spoil the taste.) into pouches without disturbing their taste, look, texture and flavor; making them resilient and easy to carry.nichrome. Nichrome’s integrated packaging solutions include accurate filling and packaging solutions that keep the powder and grains intact and improves its shelf life.